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The impact of the LSPY ministry on the lives of families with a deaf member plays a vital role as a beacon of hope for deaf people and their families.

In a world where communication is often taken for granted, deaf people and their loved ones find themselves isolated, unable to fully express their emotions and thoughts.

This ministry leads to an essential bridge, providing these individuals with the necessary tools and support to overcome communication barriers, and most importantly, this communication bridge is between Our Lord Jesus Christ, the family, the deaf community, the church, and society.

Life Testimony

My name is Antonia Torales, and I want to share with you the impact that the Ministry of Deaf Churches of Paraguay has had on my family.

My son was born with hearing impairment, carrying with him a story of challenges and overcoming that has united us as a family and brought us even closer to God's love.

Finding and attending the Ministry of Deaf Churches of Paraguay was a refuge that brought light to dark days and transformed my son's spiritual life. It has marked a before and after in his life because, by teaching him the word of God in his natural language, he can understand, internalize, live his faith, and grow.

Before, my son was isolated, but today, thanks to the love and acceptance of his disability, he has become a strong and vibrant bond with us and his environment. Seeing him communicate with his family and others through Paraguayan Sign Language is like witnessing a daily miracle, undoubtedly a great blessing.

We are grateful to God for the ministry of Deaf Churches, which has made it possible for my son to grow in his relationship with Jesus, and for us as a family to grow in love and understanding by creating a communication bridge.

May the glory be to God, the giver of this extraordinary gift, our beloved son Cristhian.


"Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him."

— Psalms 127:3 ESV